NORDLOG Doctoral Day

The purpose of the Doctoral Day is to enable participants to gain knowledge, exchange insights and to network with senior researchers and fellow PhD students coming from different backgrounds.

NORDLOG doctoral day is organized as a full day event on the 13th of June, 2018


This year’s NORDLOG doctoral day will be organized around the theme of the NOFOMA conference “Relevant Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research” with the purpose of supporting Ph.D. students in their research, meet and network with other doctoral students and to gain insights from experienced researchers. The day is to help to Ph.D. students independently on which stage the Ph.D. is in.

The day is organized around three sub-themes:

The evolution and future of logistics and SCM research

Logistics and supply chain management (LSCM) has been an academic discipline for more than three decades. This session explores the evolution of LSCM as a discipline and aims to discuss its current state. Furthermore, LSCM is still evolving, where e.g. disruptive technologies are emerging and supply chains become even more global. This session therefore also seek to discuss the future of LSCM research.

Contributors: Herbert Kotzab & Andreas Wieland

Conducting empirical and theory based research with impact

Every Ph.D. dissertation needs to integrate and balance the tension between theoretical and empirical approaches. The challenge is often to manage both with rigor and with relevance. This session seek to discuss this tension and provide guidance to how a researcher can navigate between research and practice.

Contributor: Dag Näslund & Joakim Kembro

Career and publishing

In Europe it is common that once completing a Ph.D. you have the option to pursue an academic or industry career. At some point during the Ph.D. education the doctoral student need to make a choice on career path. This session will provide insights and discussions on how to pursue an academic vs. an industrial career, bringing in two exemplars. In addition, we have invited journal editors to a panel debate to assist us doctoral students in better understanding the publishing “game” as well as to provide insights to the different journal profiles.

Contributors: Andreas Wieland, Britta Gammelgaard, Walter Zinn, Ebbe Gubi


Schedule – room 61.01 (guest cafe)

Time schedule Topic Contributors
8.30 – 9.00 Welcome and round introduction

Pitching “Relevant Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research” as a theme

– Professor, Jan Stentoft, University of Southern Denmark

– Industrial Ph.D. student Morten Brinch, University of Southern Denmark

– Industrial Ph.D. student Thorsten Krægpøth, University of Southern Denmark

Session 1: The evolution and future of logistics and SCM research
9.00-10.30 The development of LSCM and its current state –      Prof. Dr. Herbert Walter Kotzab, University of Bremen & Co-Editor-in-Chief for Logistics Research
10.30-10.45 Break & network
10.45-12.00 The future of SCM research –      Associate Professor Andreas Wieland, Copenhagen Business School
12.00-12.45 Lunch – you will be receiving lunch tickets
Session 2: Conducting empirical and theory based research with impact

Breaks included

How to engage in business environments for empirical research

Using theory while maintaining practical relevant research

–     Professor Dag Näslund, University of North Florida and Associate Professor at Lund University

–      Assistant professor Joakim Kembro, Lund University

Session 3: Career and publishing
15.00-16.00 Panel debate: Industry vs. academic career –      Associate Professor Andreas Wieland, Copenhagen Business School

–      Logistics director, Ebbe Gubi, Davidsens tømmerhandel

16.00-16.45 Meet an editor: Journal profiles and advises for passing the desk and review process to reach publication –      Journal of Business Logistics: Prof. Walter Zinn

–      International Journal of Logistics Management, Prof. Britta Gammelgaard

17.00 We take off for dinner at a local restaurant
19.30 NOFOMA Welcome reception – Optional


Suggested readings

In general, the participants are expected to be present at the Doctoral Day and actively participate in discussions. The contributors of the day will suggest papers to read, but are not obligatory to read. This material will be forwarded later to all registered participants.

Certificates of participation will be provided upon request

NORDLOG doctoral day will take place the venue for the NOFOMA conference:
University of Southern Denmark – Campus Kolding
Universitetsparken 1
6000 Kolding
Room: 61.01 (guest café) located on the 6th floor