Educator´s Day

The Educator´s Day is 13 June from 13.00 – 17.00, being a half day for teachers within logistics / SCM to network, share experiences and inspire each other. It includes a plenary session as well as specialized workshops.

Are our courses and educations fit for purpose?


Our courses in logistics form part of many types of educations with several different purposes. Some courses are part of engineering educations completely focused on the logistics, while other courses may form part of e.g. broader business educations within social sciences or specialised mathematically focused educations within natural sciences.

But how do we make sure that our research are dissiminated in relevant ways through the wide range of courses and educations we are involved in?

The educators day adresses this issue by bringing together teachers, educational planners and employers from different branches of industry for sharing ideas and perspectives.

Preliminary program

The program will consist of plenary presentations with different perspectives on the theme and workshops where participants can collaborate on ideas of enhancing own courses and educations.

Presentations and Debate

  • What types of logistical knowledge, skills and competences are sought after in different industries and i different types of positions?
    • Presentation by nordic industri leaders and SMEs.
  • What types of knowledge, skills and competences do different types of educations develop?
    • Presentations by educational planners from different forms of educations.
  • How do we integrate academic learning with industri?
    • Presentations by educators with different types of course designs.